Creamy Squash Pasta : The Healthier Choice

Five days na lang and my Ezra turns one na! So emtoional! haha.. He weaned from me already. It’s sort of a mixture of happy and sad emotions. He does not feed on me na, but he is eating healthy solids. Breastfeeding is our intimate bonding since he was born, yet seeing him grow healthy and strong and matakaw makes me more excited to cook, bake and experiment.

Here is Ezra munching on pasta strand while we wait for his Papa to arrive from a night shift. He loves eating tuna pasta with just tuna flakes, onions, tomatoes and fresh marjoram from our pocket garden.

Ezra, a certified pasta lover.

                Ezra, a certified pasta lover.

With his appetite, he tends to dislike food na paulit-ulit, who wouldn’t right? So since he loves pasta, I will be sharing you one healthy pasta dish that you and your kiddos will love. The secret ingredient…….


Yup! Squash it is! This is butternut squash, sweeter and has that nutty taste than of other regular squash in the market. If you can’t find this variety of squash, go ahead and use any squash that you may find!

Creamy Squah Pasta by Mama Wonders

                              Creamy Squah Pasta by Mama Wonders

This Creamy Squash Pasta has captured my husband’s palette as well. He is not into that saucy type of pasta and wants it healthy. So this one is definitely a hit! And since according to studies, the fist 1000 days of your kids determine the food preference of your child, then serve something healthy and colorful so they can enjoy it too! So get that pen and paper and start listing those ingredients now!


             Creamy Squash Pasta by Mama Wonders


1/4 cup of  diced squash
4 medium onions, minced
4 cloves garlic, minced
1/4 tsp thyme
1 bay leaf
olive oil
1/4 cup all purpose cream
salt and pepper
2 cups water
1/4 cup parmesan cheese


1. Heat olive oil and saute onions until it caramelized, add garlic and squash. Saute for 2 minutes.

2. Add water, thyme, bay leaf and season with salt and pepper. Simmer until squash is cooked.

3. Puree all pan contents until squash is smooth.

4. Put pureed squash unto pan, add cream and Parmesan cheese. Simmer and season to taste.

5. Top sauce to your favorite pasta.

6. Garnish with bacon bits and parmesan cheese and ground pepper.

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Gentle on skin not on dirt : Giveaway Alert!

If only I can control the time, I would! Seeing my son grow up so fast makes me cry.. He is turning one this August! Yey!

Ok so tears go up up and away! Haha! I know I got loads of learnings and moments to share with Ezra so I can fully understand the magic behind motherhood– edit that out! It’s actually the BLESSING of motherhood not MAGIC. Ezra is a honeymoon baby, back then I got hesitations on becoming pregnant. What if I am not yet ready to become a parent. Through prayers, I conquered that fear along with the belief that God has blessed us with life and He will provide and equip us to become good parents. And he did! He transfromed us to become not just good parents but goldy parents.

But this journey will still continue for as long as we live. I enjoy deciding on what Ezra will wear when we go out, what he will eat for the day and packing his things for a travel. Who wouldn’t enjoy seeing your child smile at you in every single day. I love to pack his things putting necessities in his backpack.

But hey! this is not an easy job! Yes it is! It entails you to decide on specific things that may help your child, And after 10 months of trial and error I finally say that I can trust on brands that will make my little love love clean and protected without hurting my pockets too!

I’ve used varieties of baby wipes before that are harsh on my baby Ezra’s skin. The search for that baby wipes begun as days go by. Until I decided to quit and use wet cotton instead. But I can’t carry that wet cotton and smudge it with soap everytime we go out right?

So the dilemma on that perfect baby wipes haunted me again. Not until I found Organic Baby Wipes  on the internet!


Ezra’s necessities inside his bag everytime we go out!

Upon opening its pack the scent of aloe vera has captured me. We all know that aloe vera moisturizes skin without the greasy feel that oil and lotion gives, Thus making my little Ezra’s private parts moisturized too. Haha! Moisture is one key to fight diaper rash mommies!


It’s so easy in the nose that I got to use not only in my baby Ezra’s bottom but as well as on his high chair toys and even my hands! Haha! Thank you so much Organic Baby wipes for making my mommeeeehood a bit easier during changing times.

And because its Ezra’s 1st birthday os coming near, Organic baby wipes has something in store for us mommies! Just follow the following steps to join:

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Sharpen your kid’s skills on a rainy day

It’s official! Rainy season has already been declared by PAGASA in the Philippines. While most of us are fond of the summer heat, kids also enjoy the pouring sound of rain yet sort of sad for they cannot enjoy the outside world– well, almost outside the house! Haha..

So to keep them busy so they won’t become cranky this rainy season, introduce different activities at home that they might enjoy!

1. Teach them how to organize- We pull that and that and also that! This is the scenario of us and even our kids everyday with their closet. This practice makes our tidy folded clothes goooo kaaabboom! Teaching our kids to fold their clothes and separating their panlabas and pambahay clothes could be fun! You can also incorporate color coordination so if your kiddo wants to wear blue, they could easily point out where will they find that favorite blue tank top without scavenging the whole thing! This practice may teach your child how to be prganized at their early stage. They can actually use this when they grow up and become more prepared in facing their future.

2. Teach them how to bake- Though my son will be turning 1 this August,  I have lots of neice and nephews whom I share my passion for baking. Teaching them how to bake will give them the idea of ratio and proportion when measuring the ingredients, When mixing dry to wet ingredient, you can teach them technique and can also side teach them to do things according to good values so you can come up with a could you — the batter. Baking needs lots of patience especially when the batter is being cooked in the oven. So letting them help you bake will mean making them patient as well.


My neices helping me to bake oreo stuffies.


3. Teach them how to paint- Creativity is one avenue for people to express themselves. I believe that creaticity is being taught. If we introduce arts to our kiddos the tendency to love it for the rest of their lives is huge! Ok fine, they might not be able to use it much if they take medicine related courses, but hey! if they become a mom they would definitely plan for an event for their kids which meansthey need to be creative and imaginative to set up that perfect bithday bash. Or they will become a father who would do carpentry for a school project and paint it too!

There are so many ways on how can we encourage our kids to like arts. Just like my co-worker Cherie did for her child (my adopted neice) Sophia! Today is a holiday at their school becuase of a celebration and is a bit rainy outside. And look what they found! Ma’am and Mom’s paint!

Tempera Paints of Ma'am and Mom's

Tempera Paints of Ma’am and Mom’s

While most paints are toxic because of their chemical contents Tempera paints from Ma’am and Mom’s are Tempasafe and non-toxic! It can used in any material to paint on like wood, fabrics, cardboards, bottles and even plates! And the best part, you can also use it for finger painting!

Sophia loves drawing on her sketch pad or even the wall before but have never used paints because of the danger IMG_0423it may cause her upon using it. Now she enjoys using the paint directly from the botlle on a dish or diluted with water. The paint drys quickly and is also easy on the nose! Walang hard smell! So you and your kids may enjoy using it or playing with it. Plus it can be easily washed off from the skin and or fabrics (depending on the fabric). She can paint naything with minimal supervision anytime!

I also used the tempera paints on soda crowns in creating different embellishments in preparation for my son’s birthday soon!



Sophia proudly showing her artwork.

I am confident if we teach our kids of skills, they will surely bring it and share it to their kids when they grow up. My verdict Ma’am and Mom’s tempera paint— A MUST HAVE! So moms if you do have any plans of making your table messy, choose a paint that is safe for you and your family!

By the way Ma’am and Mom’s , will be giving away sample paints with different brudhes and rollers for your kids to enjoy! Simply follow the following steps to join:


1. Like Ma’am and Mom’s and Mama Wonders page on facebook or instagram.

2. Repost the promo poster and tag mama wonders.

3. That’s it! We will be choosing winners on July 15, 2015!

What are you waiting for? Join na!

Wonderwoman #2: Tina

Social media is one of the best tools to sell and buy products which are hard to find and are unique, Because this is widely used nowadays, the danger of being able to find a bogus seller is at high risk as well. Luckily, I haven’t come across any of them.
I started my journey in buying kiddie stuff for my babies at Tina Click N Buy. She does not only give you a variety of products but also advise you on things that concerns breastfeeding and proper parenting. One time, I asked her to search for a mosquito zip that I wanted to try for my baby because he is often being bitten by mosquitoes. After series of research, she advised me not to purchase one anymore. I admired her for being so true and sensitive to the needs of her customers more than making money.

And so, I introduce you Tina, my wonderwoman number 2! A work at home mom, a mother of two and a woman of dignity all the way from Ontario, Canada!

Like all women, she dreamt of that special day to walk down the aisle to vow in the presence of God that she’ll love the man whom you will spend the rest of your life with. This is one of her turning point, Tina married an Indian national which you may think their marriage might have been difficult. Instead, Alex, her husband courted her like the usual Filipino male. She was pampered and is until now spoiled. Imagine her receiving diffrent ulam! Oh my! I must say, that the notion a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach can also be applied to us, women! The great part of their marriage is actually the third party– God! In marriage the third strand is the most important one because in times of difficulties, God will bind any couple. Good thing, Tina and Alex are both of the same faith so everythime they go through a season in their marriage,they know whom they shall turn to.

Meet Tina and her beautiful family.

I can connect with her since she considers having children the most challenging role she could ever play. Being a mom inspired her to become a work at home mom actually. She used cloth diapers for her first born and realized how eco and environmental friendly it is. She then tought of sharing the same experience to evey mother on earth. At first she offered Sunbaby cloth diapers and now Tina Click N Buy is growing she even offers organic products and other baby needs.

Kawaii and sunbaby cloth Diapers

Kawaii and sunbaby cloth Diapers

According to her,  I make a schedule for myself, what to do list, and make sure that I will try to follow them so that I will not behind. I do multi-tasking which most of other mommies do ( breast feeding while taking orders, answering messages and email while my little one is asleep, preparing food while my children are watching favorite show, etc.). Also,I always have my bluetooth on for my mobile phone to answer calls when needed.


This inspires me to become more of a super mom! And most of all, her philosophy of putting the welfare of her customers at the top priority did move me on liking Tina as a person and help her to gain more customers in her online shop.

Amber teething necklace

Amber teething necklace

Lamaze cloth books

Lamaze cloth books




I hope you’d find time to drop by her facebook account Tina Click N Buy and experience motherhood online with her!


Run and save lives.

I’ve been joining our annual fun run at the office just to comply since the project started last 2010. Well yeah, just to comply, not until today. 

May 16, 2016 is a day to remember dor our family. This is indeed our first run as a a family. At first it is just another complying thing, but this morning  everything had changed from the moment we (me, Dimson and our little 9 mos old Ezra) started walking. Yep! walking. Dimson cannot run carrying Ezra along even if its just a 3 kilometer run. Walking the streets from Lake Drive in Burnham Lake to the turning point in Military Cut Off nade me realize one thing. That is, a family can become a team. 

Yes a team, because in this run we all extend our hands to help the children of Helping Hands Foundation. Some of these children were abused and us running can make a big difference! 



  Well yeah, fats burned, stamina developed, family bonding level up and guess what??


Ezra was awarded a certificate for being the youngest runner of this year’s OKR. 

 And because of that our  Papa was interviewed for  TV Patrol! 

That’s our chance of stardom! Thank you for the opportunity to help Abscbn!


WONDERWOMAN: Margaux and The Contol Freak

I launched a dengue awareness campaign back in 2011 where our program in ABS-CBN will visit schools and inform 50 outstanding pupils about dengue. Since then, I became more aware of what dengue can bring to people especially to kids. And the search for a friendly mosquito repellant begun. Most of insect repellants nowadays contains DEET which recent studies shows may have a negative effect on the nerves and can cause severe irritation, blistering and burning thus may interfere the nervous system, as per studies made by the BMC Biology published by the British Journal. Because of this report, we have advocacies of planting citronella plants at school and shared the positive effects of having such in each households. Yet application of the citronella oil on skin is the most effective way to be protected against mosquitoes; not of turning it into a candle or oil for burning.

But hey! who in the world would extract a citronella oil everyday for mosquito protection right? And so, the breakthrough of searching for the perfect mosquito repellant came early this year upon knowing Control Freak in facebook and Instagram.  And because I was fascinated with the product, I decided to know control freak deeper.

Meet Margaux Chen and her family, the makers of Control Freak!


Control Freak started when Margaux can’t seem to find that perfect insect repellant that works on her. So she decided to go on making her own insect repellant through combining of essential oils and various insect repellant plants and viola it totally worked on her!


This started the idea of sharing her creation to the madlang people who wanted to have a well scented insect repellants that are hard on mosquitoes but is gentle to your skin and nose. This story amazed me, the creation of control freak started because of those mosquitoes that loved Margaux, and now hated her because of Control Freak!

The idea of name came from her dad who she thinks is a control freak at times. She said her dad is a certified OC because their house is so tidy, free from insects, germs and mess. Honestly for me, we all have that control freak in us right? Who wouldn’t love to be germ free and insect bite free?

3Reason why this product cought my attention because of it fits our one-side personality — a control freak! Control Freak has two lines, the mosquito repellants which controls mosquitoes with five variants which best sellers are lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint. And hand spray that control germs in  Sweet Bark and Citrus Mint.

The Mosquito repellant has vanillin and coconut oil to prolong the effects on skin. Coconut oil has vitamin E keeping the skin smoot and protected against cracking. It has kinds of proteins keeping skin healthy and rejuvenated making it an anti-aging ingredient for so many creams. And with the variations of scents they incorporated in the repellants, your rooom, pouch or bag will smell so good like a spa! Its all organic making it easy on kids skin as well. I will be using it for my baby when go outdoors sometimes. But hey, its really soft on skin and is effective!


On the other hand, Control Freak’s hand sprays are alcohol free that has essential oils known for disinfecting germs such as citrus. The best thing about this hand spray is its alcohol free. I really don’t like the idea of my hands smelling like alcohol before eating.

11007736_528333753971974_5298777262583319198_n 11021258_528334457305237_5419931750473469859_n

This answers it all! Many are now being aware of this organic AFFORDABLE creation! Even Cathy Yang, a reporter based in HongKong loves Control Freak. Wouldn’t you love it as well?

Four things why I love it? its organic, safe, the smell is not matapang and its AFFORDABLE!I am also contemplating in getting more in time for my son’s birthday as a token for his godparents! 🙂 I’m sure they will love it too!

With the creation of Control Freak, Margaux has inspired me to start my plans with passion and never be afraid of making mistakes. I have not found just a maker of a superb budget friendly products that deliver but also found a friend. Thanks to Control Freak, bye-bye mosquitoes, bye-bye germs while I say hello to a life long relationship to a wonderwoman. I admire you Margaux! keep on spreading the love by being a CONTROL FREAK. P.S. Control Freak is also open for distributorship. Kindly PM them on facebook or inquire at 09989469671 or at

And good news! Control Freak is giving away sets of their mosquito spray for you! Visit for more details!

Save a penny on Mother’s Day!

Every Mom is indeed happy when mother’s day is fast approaching! This is the time when we feel so much appreciated by our spouses and children, But honestly, everyday should be a mother’s day. This year  May 10 is the commercialized Mother’s day where everyone is indeed looking for the best Mother’s day gift they can give to their moms and wives! But hey! Do we really need to buy a gift? Or just do something special for them? Before you plot your plan for mother’s day, it is very important to know the LOVE LANGUAGE of your mom or wife!

Before I got married, I took this exam and took another after our marriage in a seminar at church. The result depends on the season we (men and women) are in. So taking this test prior to an ocasion is really a saved-my-penny-worthwhile activity.

Here are the five love languages that we may have.

1. Acts of Service Actions speaks lourder than words! This love language shouts this saying most of the time. If this is your primary love language, then you would love to be served and helped in other way. My husband’s love language is service so he shows his appreciation to others by extending help in any way he can! I hate it before when he asks me to massage his feet, because honestly, I hate massaging others! But when the time I learned that he feels loved when being served, I learned to love that one thing I hate before. Because marriage is a teamwork! If this is your mom’s or spouse’s love language then an extra effort will surely melt their heart away! Say surprising them with breakfast in bed or cleaning the whole house before they wake up will surely make your plan a success!

2. Words of Affirmation Who does not want to be affimed? I think everyone needs one not just at home but even at school or at work! A simple thank you can lit up the day of any person whose primary language is words of affirmation. Writing them letters or postcards will make them happy. For sure they will keep it hidden in a treasure box too!

3. Quality Time Undivided attention! This is what you want if you have qaulity time as your primary love language. People with this love language can actually talk to you for hours! They can be with your for as long as you want. Going out with them in a dinner date or just a coffee date or watching a movie they want will make them happy. I remember one of our godparents’ story in this love language. Our ninong went out on a movie date with our ninang because she will be happy watching it with him. And the movie— Maleficent! haha!

4. Physical Touch If you want to be cuddled or touched when you got a problem, then pysical touch is your primary langauage. A simple HHWW (holding hands while walking) will make your spouse feel important or that akbay in the shoulders will! and if they have problems a tight hug or pat on the shoulders will make them feel better even without you saying anything at all, So give tham your warmest hug now!

5. Receiving gifts This is my primary love language! Haha! I love opening gifts may it be big or  small and giving one too! May it ba a chocnut or a ferrero, a handmade card or a voucher, for as long as it can communicate your love, any gift will make me happy!

So before hitting the road to buy that flowers or chocolate for Mother’s day! It is better if you both take the Know your Love Language Quiz so you both can learn how to make each other’s happy. adavance happy Mother’s day to you and your Mom!